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Codependency is the #1 hidden cause of breakup and divorce, and here’s why…

Codependency creates that terrifying needy feeling.

“Will they come back?”

“What can I do to make them happy?”

“If I can’t have them, I’ll always be alone”

We feel like we MUST be with a partner at all costs, no matter what they say or do, no matter what happens.

And if they don’t come back, or stay, we’ll always be alone.

But that level of need inevitably leads to feelings of worthlessness and misery.

It’s also deeply unattractive to a partner and causes them to lose respect.

No wonder so many codependent people find themselves in relationships with abusers, liars, or manipulators.
Okay, but enough with the negative.

Let’s focus on the positive, because when you remove the needy feeling, what can you expect to happen?

Quite a lot, as it happens.

Follow the rules, apply the lessons, and you too can expect to; 
Supercharge your life with powerful, lasting confidence
Like, love, and respect yourself, no matter what happens
Set strong boundaries that make other people admire and respect you
Stop thinking and worrying about your ex - or partner - and how they are feeling or who they are with. 
Win back an ex far more easily (confidence and non-neediness are the default-settings of charming, attractive people)
Enjoy a healthy, passionate, lasting relationship where your needs are taken care of
When you like being you, life and relationships become vastly more rewarding.

Plus… Other people start to like being around you, and with you… a lot.

100% of those who have overcome their codependency have taken action!
Clients Always Tell Me… 
“Alex, you don’t understand!”
I’m not as confident as you are.”

It might surprise you to know a ‘secret’ about me.

I don’t talk about this much…
But I wasn’t always this confident.
In fact, many years ago, I was in a codependent relationship too!
I had to endure the same confidence-destroying thoughts:

❌ "I'm not good enough."
❌ "I must have done something wrong."
❌ "I'm not lovable."
❌ "I'll never find someone else."
❌ "I don't know how to be on my own."

For years, I was having those toxic thoughts 50, 100, even 200 times a day.

But that all changed (eventually) when I fell head over heels in love.

Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming …
A Masters In Human Sciences …
15 Years Studying Neuroscience and Psychology…
And Coaching 100,000+ People …

…I now have the research-based strategies to heal codependency!

Even better, I’ve used these strategies to help everyone from:
  • Patrick, the ceo of a major international company
  • to Magalie, who was lost in her first real love story
  • to hundreds of couples who came to me for counseling
But all those years ago, I didn’t know anything!
I was far, far too naive.
The woman I loved was emotionally unavailable, so I was always working overtime to please her.

But the harder I tried, the more I suffocated her space.
And the more I suffocated her space, the further she pulled away, until one day…

She was gone.

Looking back now, I understand I gave her no choice.

But at the time… It was walking blind into a gut punch.

The pain… was physical.

Like my entire body went into overdrive, and I couldn’t breathe.
It took months for me to recover.

I was desperate for closure… to talk it all through with her.

How could she not see what she was throwing away?

Looking back, I’m so glad the younger me had the chance to grow.

He was too needy.

Too weak and insecure.

Don't get me wrong.

I Still Love That Version Of Me -
He Always Tried His Best.

But I’m so glad I found a way to heal from the emotional wounds, discover my inner confidence (which we all have), and heal my wounds.

Fast forward to now, and I’m very happily married!

Here’s how it happened:

When I discovered how to be independent and value myself, I found the courage to set powerful boundaries.

Setting boundaries meant people started to respect me.

When people started to respect me… that was the turning point.

The wrong people walked out of my life, and the right ones came in.

It Was Like Turning The Lights On
In A Dark Room.

I saw how everything I ever wanted wasn’t running away from me.

Love, success, abundance…

It had been right there, waiting for me all along.
All I had to do was turn the lights on.

I know firsthand how challenging and painful codependency can be.
But I also know it’s possible to break this destructive pattern and enjoy a healthy and loving relationship.

I’ve spent years studying codependency and helping others to break free.

Whether you are currently in a codependent relationship, or trying to heal from one, I am here to guide you.

My goal is to give you the support and courage to:
  • Love and care for yourself first
  • Build a healthy and fulfilling relationship
  • And also - only if it’s the right move for you - to win back your ex!
Take action and be the lead in your life!

When You Overcome Codependency,
Your Ex … A Partner … Anyone You Want Will Be Amazed By Your New ‘Sexy Confidence’!

The ‘How to Beat Codependency’ program is short, but it’s also the most comprehensive, powerful and complete ‘breakout’ guide you’ll find.

These 6 modules are the closest thing to a magic bullet for 90% of the problems leading to unnecessary suffering in love, either with a partner or during a breakup.

You’re getting access to the same structured, practical, advice I give to coaching clients everyday.

Neuroscience … Neuro Linguistic-programming … Psychology … And of course, the street-smart wisdom only direct coaching with 10’s of thousands of clients can provide…

You’re getting it all.

These are short, easy-to-digest videos you can go through in only 6 hours and put into action immediately.

Here’s how beating codependency will give you the confidence and power to create and ENJOY your love life:

— Step 1

Set powerful boundaries 

Boundaries are invisible psychological barriers that command respect.

They also stop you from being taken advantage of.

I will show you how to use boundaries to become a stronger, more confident, happy, and attractive person.

With this one breakthrough, you will take a big step towards being able to enjoy a healthy, sane, and mutually satisfying relationship that endures.

— Step

Shift the focus back onto yourself.

Are you codependent in a safe relationship / breakup recovery…

Or are you loving someone you can never have (or who is toxic)?

If your relationship truly has potential, I will show you how to redirect your emotional focus back onto yourself.

Paradoxically, this will get you a lot more attention from a partner or ex.

You will make a huge breakthrough to heal codependency and win lasting love.

— Step

Plug into the unbreakable mindset

Become independent and stop relying on other people to feel good about yourself.

Understand how to get out of ‘victim mode’, so you can put positive energy and happiness back into your own hands.

Reverse your relationship dynamic to become a challenge.

Restore a healthy balance and get the one you love to chase you for attention.

This part is so much fun ;)

— Step

Reprogram your thoughts and KNOW you are always good enough

Valuing yourself does not happen by accident.

It’s not a feeling that results from wishful thinking.

Confidence comes from one thing alone.


Let’s show your unconscious mind you’re winning the game of life and love.

It will soon decide you truly are unstoppable, and that’s when the magic happens.

All it takes to begin is to answer 4 key questions.

— Step

Control your own mind to beat codependency for good

Your unconscious mind talks to you 24 hours a day for life.

That’s 80,000 thoughts a day, forever.

If you are hearing “I’m unlovable, not good enough, or worthless”, you could easily end up alone, unsuccessful and frustrated.

Change the conversation - PERMANENTLY - and your life and relationships will change for the better in every way possible.

Plus, you get to love being you, all the time!

What’s not to like about that?

— Plus 

Cleanse yourself physically and emotionally

Balance your 4 lives for love, success, and wellbeing

Send dopamine happy hormones to your brain whenever you want with an NLP technique I personally use everyday

Finish almost everyday day in a good mood

Be the co-creator of your life so the dreams you have that CAN happen… Happen.

And so much more!
Step 1
Go through the codependency program - it only takes
Step 2
Ask your questions in the private Facebook group and get answers weekly, every Thursday, from me, Coach Alex
Step 3
Meet me for weekly group coaching for advice and high-voltage motivation to embrace your confident transformation
What’s This They Are All Talking About ;)”
Don't Take It From Me,
Look At What My Clients Have Said:
“Alex is an excellent coach.

I learned a lot with him, including self-confidence and other things that I never imagined being able to do.
I am very grateful to him and I still continue to seek his advice today.

I highly recommend it :)

— Fatma
Alex is a benevolent man who gives good advice all the time.

He helps us so that we can have confidence in ourselves, so that we don't make the same mistakes again with men...

He's an amazing coach, I love to listen to him. It is a must for us women
— Nathalie
“Coach Alex is the only person who gave me the advice I needed to move forward and achieve my goals.

He helped me to have confidence in myself.

He took the time to listen to me and understand me. He is filled with kindness!

Honestly I can only recommend it to you 1000%.”
— Matteo
“Alex’s methods are ultra-powerful and effective!

I was skeptical at first but... it works! Unbelievable!

I became the best version of myself by following his ultra-powerful advice with results that exceeded my expectations.

Thanks Coach!!!!”

— Leo
The teaching and support of Alexandre and his team have changed my life.

My companion had left me, I was a drug addict, my dad had just passed away but even so, several months after his sad events, I have never been so aligned and alive in all my life.

 I learned to know myself better:

Recognize my values, my qualities, my personality, my areas of progress, while building a love, an esteem, a self-confidence that accompanies me everywhere and allows me to live in a much more fulfilled way. And happy.
It is an invaluable richness to understand yourself better, and to be in tune with yourself, whatever the events of life.

I know that today I have inner resources to overcome all difficulties.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
— Olivia
“The only thing I regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

Today I am a new person.”
— Gianna
“I highly recommend Coach Alex, his advice is invaluable.

If you have the opportunity to get his coaching do not hesitate, you will never regret it.

Thank you Alex for what you share with us. and everything you do to make our love life fulfilling.”
— Shivansh
“Alex is very attentive and who tells you things frankly whether it's what you want to hear or not.

His goal is to lift you up and flourish.
He is a very attentive person who is very to the point in his understanding and his advice whether it is on love, the relationship with others, self-esteem, leadership.

A great meeting, thank you - I recommend 200%.”
— Lyn
“Best coach ever!

Alex's dynamism and "positive attitude" are contagious!

His advice, always fair and relevant.
He is 200% invested in his work and for others.

I recommend him without hesitation!”
— Karl

Yours today for $97

or 3 monthly payments of $35

“But Alex, What About My Ex?”

No problem.

We are always here to guide and support you in understanding your ex, your relationships, and creating a healthy, lasting connection.


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I will help you to:
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All This Guidance And Support…
For The Price Of A Pair Of Jeans???

Break free from Codependency for a healthy and fulfilling relationship with your partner


Never be alone again with the support of our private, premium FB group…


Weekly group coaching with me, Coach Alex, to accelerate your evolution and turn you into the kind of person who pretty much always wins at love…

Yours today for $97

or 3 monthly payments of $35

I’m Giving You $2,442 Of
‘Sexy Confidence’ To Smash The Chains Of Codependency For $97!

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