“Want to know how I feel?... Replaceable.”

Insecurity Is A Toxic Poison That Ruins Relationships…
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If you suffer from insecurity in your relationship, I bet you’ve felt “replaceable” too.

Perhaps you see her casually glance at an ‘alpha’ guy… or you hear her casually mention a guy she finds hot… and your confidence evaporates like a drop of rain in the midday sun.
These tiny everyday events can quickly lead you down a dark path with no escape:
  • Feeling ugly and undesirable, no matter how often you work out
  • ​Worrying about her male friends or guys she might be messaging on apps
  • ​Insane jealousy over something as small as seeing an old photo of her with her ex 
These feelings are completely natural when insecurity takes hold.
It’s easy to start paying way too much attention to that nasty little voice that bullies you into believing your worst nightmare is about to come true...

She’s going to leave for someone ‘better’.

This toxic belief can reframe your entire reality… 
As you suspect her of lying or even cheating when she shows even the tiniest change in behavior.
Meanwhile, she picks up on your covert jealousy and correctly identifies that you’re way too needy.
So, what does she do next?

She subtly backs away from you.

Giving into insecurity will, paradoxically, make your worst fears a reality.
Anxiety and neediness simply put too much pressure on your partner, leading them to pull away to safety.
But it’s not your fear, neediness, or even jealousy that’s the real problem.
This horrible, green-eyed monster is actually a SYMPTOM of the pain and fear you’ve experienced in the past.
This trauma is what’s holding you back from being able to fully trust your partner and enjoy your relationship.
Your unconscious mind is fighting hard to save you from reliving this past hurt, even if this means destroying your present and future happiness in the process.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to deal with this, I want you to tattoo these words immediately into your brain:
“It’s not my fault… but it is my responsibility, 
and choice, to break free.”
You weren’t born with these crippling feelings.
It’s not your destiny to let insecurity destroy your relationship and stop you from living into your true strength and confidence as a man.
In almost every case of insecurity I’ve ever seen, the root cause was betrayal by someone they loved and admired:

A partner they trusted cheated, ruining their chances of happiness with other women who would love and cherish them

A partner they trusted cheated, ruining their chances of happiness with other women who would love and cherish them

The way their parents (more often than not, their father) raised them or family dynamics led to feelings of being worthless, destroying their self-esteem 

The way their parents (more often than not, their father) raised them or family dynamics led to feelings of being worthless, destroying their self-esteem 

And one I know a lot of men relate to…

The woman they are seeing now pays far too much attention to other men, and it makes them very uncomfortable.

This last one shows just how toxic insecurity really is.
Just a single glance across a bar when you’re with her can unleash a plague of poisonous thoughts that shatter your peace of mind. 
If you so much as glance at the phone in her hand and see she’s been chatting to a guy, your heart does a backflip.
It’s could be just a friend, but the simple reality of her having some kind of contact with other guys is enough to reframe your reality and have you suspect everything.
So, what’s the solution?
Stop punishing yourself
for a crime someone
else committed.
Stop punishing yourself
for a crime someone else committed.
Here’s what I mean:
You didn’t cause your insecurity, and unless he cheated on you, neither did your partner.
You’re both blameless in this.
The true culprit?
Whoever it was that trod you down in the past and stopped you from being the strong, confident woman you could be today.
It’s like being condemned to prison for a crime someone else committed, but in this case, the jailor is your own fear.
While this situation isn’t your fault, only you can make the choice to escape and find your way back to a healthy, loving, and trusting relationship with your partner… and with yourself.
Here’s how to finally break free of insecurity 
How to finally break free from insecurity.
Here at Happily Committed, we’re helping relationships destroyed by insecurity to break the shackles and fly free into a safe, trusting relationship.
See, after becoming the #1 coaching service in Europe - we went global to help as many men as possible.
So far, over 67 million people have used our videos to work on themselves and their relationships.
Our results have gotten a lot of attention in the media too.
The Huffington Post, ELLE, RMC, TMC & Le Monde have all featured our methods, and all 5 of our books are Amazon best sellers.
We’ve already helped more than 75,000 men get back with their exes from NYC to Switzerland... 
In many cases, helping them banish insecurity and reclaim the freedom they need to love themselves again, and their partner in the process.
This is just to show you that while your situation is unique, we’ve been through it with so many women, that we know what to do to help you.
We Found A Lot Of The Same Issues Were Coming Up For Women... 
We found a lot of the same issues
were coming up for men...
Unfortunately, we were limited by TWO things that stopped us from helping as many people as we wanted… 
  • We didn’t have enough time to help everyone who asked.
  • ​Our large private coaching fees excluded many men who desperately needed our help to escape these types of situations.
So, we decided to put together a special training that has everything you need to escape insecurity forever.
But first, a word of warning… 
But first, a word of warning… 
Finding your freedom is not an overnight solution.
I wish there was a button you could press to make insecurity go away instantly, but after coaching thousands of men through this, I’ve found it doesn’t work that way.
Yes, I will give you all the insights, tools, and mindset you need to break free. 
But you need to apply what I’m going to show you.
The good news is this program adapts to your schedule and 10 or 20 minutes a day is enough for most people to start seeing changes after a couple of weeks.
(Plus… I’ll show you how to get an instant win with your partner, as I reveal how to get them in your corner and cheering you on in this journey).
Without further ado, here’s the client-tested, real-world proven method for finally banishing insecurity from your life, and your relationships, forever…


Inside “Insecurity”...
I’m going to reveal the exact advice I give my private coaching clients for breaking free from jealousy, fear, and self-loathing…
…to instead stand in the true depth of joy, love, and trust that life is waiting to offer.
Here’s what you’ll discover:
  A forgotten ‘investment strategy’ that not only pays “dividends” for your confidence, but can also get her to drop that phone like a hot brick and give YOU all her attention instead.
 Ever punish your girlfriend and ruin a relationship with paranoid accusations and fear? Your “U.A.S.” is the hidden reason why (fix this ASAP!)
  How to massively elevate your self-worth in only 5 minutes per day, allowing you to love yourself fearlessly and be loved, and valued, in return.
  Most people receiving this simple relationship advice nod their heads wisely… but then immediately ignore it - only to wonder why they still can’t find peace and harmony in their relationship (I’ll promise to share this with you if you promise to actually listen!).
  How to open the secret vault where your partner hides her deepest feelings, giving you the exclusive power to heal the deep-rooted hurt that’s stopping her from truly bonding with you.
  A ‘secret’ message for your partner’s ears only!
  When you catch her talking about another guy she finds attractive… or she does something else that makes you feel worthless… DON’T talk it through or give her a piece of your mind. Instead… do this.
  The 3 ‘whys’ that create relationship insecurity and how to overcome past traumas that will put a wrecking ball through your present and future happiness.
  Two innocent ways to ethically allow people you haven’t met yet to rebuild your self-esteem.
  If she even looks at another man, I start wondering what he has that I don’t” - I hear this all the time, and my ‘fix’ for guys who overthink like this is as surprising as it is effective.
  If your partner’s bursting with frustration at the way your insecurity manifests in your relationship, I’ll show you how to have her support you instead, as you break the chains of insecurity one day at a time.
😉 And so much more…!
😉 And so much more…!


" Things couldn't be better. Me, my wife, my kids, we are all happy and I’ve had no hiccups. This change has made my life great again and for the long run. I am blessed to have my family and my mind right. Just wanted to let you know again how things were and to thank you again my friend. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving with your family and that you have a Merry Christmas. Thank you! "

 - DEB -

" Thank you for walking me through the last several months of self-transformation. The benefits are abundant in every area of my life. Keep doing the awesome work you guys do. It's life altering in the very best of ways. Onwards to the future and authentic, healthy happiness in love! "

 - JOHN -

" I can't thank you enough for your knowledge on how to deal with this and your encouraging me to keep going when I thought I was toast. I know you already know this, but you are doing a fantastic job in helping people live their lives happily. Thank you! All the very best to yourself, your family and colleagues. I will of course stay in touch. 

Best regards. "


I want to make it as easy as possible for you to take action and start the process of escaping insecurity.
So today, you can get lifetime access to “Insecurity” for $39.
The three reasons I’ve priced it at $39 are simple…
  • To discourage tire kickers who are not serious about healing from insecurity.
  • ​To help as many women as possible escape from jealousy, fear, and anxiety while finding their freedom.
  • ​I truly want you to be happy.
Bottom Line: 
You’ll finally know what you need to do to break free of insecurity and embrace a trusting, healthy relationship with your partner... and yourself.
Just click the button below, where you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page, where all you have to do is put in your normal details and finish your order.

Once that’s done, we’ll email you access to “Insecurity” immediately.
Remember, with “Insecurity,” you’ll be able to:
  • See what’s making you insecure in the first place and stop it from sabotaging your relationship.
  • ​Put a proven plan into action that will heal your relationship with yourself and your partner, allowing you to step into the true fullness of the life waiting to be lived.
  • ​​Eliminate any frustration and anger your partner might feel and get them cheering you on as you take this journey.
You also get access to the downloadable worksheets, so you can do each exercise from the comfort of your living room, as well as a special bonus section especially for your partner’s ears only.



You can get all of this today for just $39.

Normal Price: $57

I’m excited to hear how getting the help you need has helped you to break the shackles of insecurity and heal your relationship.
So don’t be a stranger, reach out and let me know!
Your coach,
P.S. We've created this product to give you clarity on how to escape insecurity and what to do. You’re getting it all for just $39 today.
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