Neuroscience Secrets To Make Your Ex Come Back To You


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Do you want to get back with the one you love? Are you ready to do anything to get back together?


  • Your relationship ended but you are convinced that your ex is your soulmate?
  • Are you afraid of never seeing your ex again?
  • Do you fear that your ex is going to forget about you or meet someone else?
  • Do you feel like your ex is the missing element for you to be happy?
  • You do not understand your ex's actions, words and change of behaviour since the breakup?
  • You would like to hit reset and start a new relationship from scratch with the one you love?
  • You are prepared to do anything to fall back in love? 
  • You want to convey to your ex that you finally got it and are now ready to be the person they wanted you to be?
  • You don't want to have any regrets when looking back on your love story?
We understand what you are going through. We can relate because we've helped more than 300,000 individuals who were struggling with exactly what you are going through today.
What is happening to you today is not your fault. We were never taught in school how to maintain and nurture a romantic relationship that is dear to you. You invested a lot and perhaps too much and lost yourself in the process.

Or perhaps on the contrary you made mistakes that you now regret and neglected your partner and ultimately failed to make them feel loved and cherished.

It is possible that poor communication and not investing yourself adequately in the relationship led you to this point.
  • Gain control over your emotions
  • Overcome the fear that your ex is going to move on and forget about you
  • Understand what your ex is thinking and why
  • ​Turn back into the person that they fell for
  • ​Regain your confidence and well being
  • ​Maximize your attraction power
  • ​Discover key communication tools to get through to your ex
  • ​Learn what to say and when to say it to create an emotional connection
  • ​Create better habits to overcome common mistakes and negative behaviour
  • Build foundational tools to maintain a happy and healthy relationship 
We can change the way that your ex feels about you, reset the relationship and overcome the mistakes that you've made throughout the relationship and since the breakup.

What if we could shift the balance of power in such a way that your ex would be the one to start to chase you instead. That's right, the goal should NOT be to get back with your ex, but instead to position yourself in such a way that they are seeking to win you back.

To make this a reality for you, we've created an exclusive course to give you the exact steps you need to take to make your ex take steps towards you.

Through our comprehensive and tailored program Neuroscience Secrets To Make Your Ex Come Back To You, we will help you get into your ex's mind and meet their unspoken subconscious needs.
  • You don't feel like your ex is the right person for you 
  • You simply want to seek revenge for how your ex made you feel
  • You think you are better off seeking guidance from friends rather than our experts

$297 INSTEAD OF $597

Save $300 TODAY ONLY
We are relationship coaches who specialize in the science of breakups and the art of building healthy relationships
Our methods have been acclaimed internationally and our work has been featured on prominent media outlets such as the Huffington Post, ELLE, Forbes and GQ. Collectively we have coached over 300,000 individuals. Our work has been followed by over 300 Million individuals all over the world.

We have helped individuals overcome breakups and couples get back together in nearly every country on earth. The secrets that we will share with you are based on proven results from the field. The foundation of our work is based on real expertise, coaching certifications, diplomas in the field of humanities, personal development and human relations from prestigious educational institutions.

We are trained to help individuals reach their goals in part due to our extensive coaching experience, our extensive training in the study of the human brain and neuro linguistic programming (NLP). We understand human psychology in times of heartbreak, but most importantly we care about your wellbeing and happiness.

We truly would like to make an impact on your journey because we feel connected to you and what you are going through
Meet Natalie
People often ask me what drove me to start coaching, and my answer is very simple: I coach because it fulfills me and gives me a sense of purpose. In my line of business, I get to help my clients find love, fix love, and optimize the relationships in their lives; and nothing makes me happier.

No matter the struggle, there is a solution, and I'm here to help you find it. Together, we'll connect the dots of your relationship and develop an action plan that works best for you.
Meet Alex
When I used to speak about my job as a love coach and relationship expert specialized in helping clients get back with their ex, people used to laugh. But then when they saw that my methods were successful, those same people all ended up coming back to me for help.

Who better than a Frenchman to speak to you about love?
Meet Adrian
People across the US, and all across the world have been craving for a service like the one that we provide. After a break up many do not know where to turn for proper support, because people around them don’t understand what they are really going through. I truly feel connected to our clients and know what a positive difference we make in their lives.

Helping others is my passion and I love what I do every single day.
the wordS on the streetS
Don't Take It From Us...
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that i got my ex back and we are working things out. There is still work to be done but your advice was spot on.

Thanks my friend!

I appreciate everything you told me you're an amazing person. I have to tell you my ex asked me to be his woman last Sunday. I have stayed true to myself ever since speaking with you last. You taught me everything I needed to be a better person and to love myself. And now I love myself more than ever and I'm thankful I was able to talk to you. And if it wasn't for you, the man I love so much would have never seen my changes.

God bless you and thank you for being amazing.

Things couldn't be better. Me, my wife, my kids, we are all happy and I’ve had no hiccups. This change has made my life great again and for the long run. I am blessed to have my family and my mind right. Just wanted to let you know again how things were and to thank you again my friend.

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving with your family and that you have a Merry Christmas. Thanks!

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for coaching me, and taking time out of your day to help me. 

She actually ended up calling me 2 days ago, and we're completely back to normal, and I couldn't be any happier or any more in love.

Thanks again,

Thank you for your kind response.  If it wasn't for your mentoring I'd have lost Penny for good. That would have been absolutely devastating. I can't thank you enough for your knowledge on how to deal  with this and you're encouraging me to keep going when I thought I was toast.

I know you already know this, but you are doing a fantastic job in helping people live their lives happily. Thank you!

All the very best to yourself, your family and colleagues. I will of course stay in touch.

Best regards,

It was super bumpy and we broke up the week before Valentine's.  

I didn't call on Valentine's and the next day he it too late to say sorry. 

We are back together. Couldn't have done it without your videos and guidance.

Just wanted to say thank you,

Thank you for walking me through the last several months of self-transformation. The benefits are abundant in every area of my life. Keep doing the awesome work you guys do.  It's life altering in the very best of ways.

Onwards to the future and authentic, healthy happiness in love!

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help. The tips for when you are still together was a big help as well as your coaching. Things have been getting much better as I’ve been improving myself and being fun and confident. 

Last night it was clear that my wife is being very receptive and is chasing. 

All the best!

I can't thank you enough for your guidance. I followed every step you told me to take and it worked! 

I know this relationship will be better the second time around because of everything I have learned about myself and relationships.

I want to thank you. You, Alex and Natalie saved my dear, deep friendship with my bf. We were 4 years together, and after 1 year apart, thanks to 3 of you we are 1/2 a year together. I listened to your audio which I am so glad I purchased, I'm not rich but from my last money I chose to invest in your help and it was an amazing choice. You guys are my heroes for the rest of my life.

You are awesome people. With great admiration, 

I can't thank you enough! My ex and I spent some time talking and he threw out the idea of taking things slow just us without the extra input of others. I know it's a road to go and one that is continuous. I plan to make the most of it. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Good news,

After 10 months apart and getting divorced in January, me and my wife reconciled and have gotten remarried. 

Thank you for all the informative videos.

Thank you for your inspiring wisdom. I've watched all of your vids and followed through and I'm back with my wife after 2 years!!

My girlfriend left me in September of last year and after meeting up with her on Monday, she texted me this morning begging for me back! I followed all your videos to a tee and they truly did work their magic! Thank you to all the amazing coaches!

Just wanted to give you an update. I followed your advice and we're back together !! 

Thank you for your help.


I got my man back. 

We've had the best few months of our lives and will be getting married. 

Thank you for everything!

Thank you for all of your help! 

Things are much better as I’ve improved myself and been fun and confident. 

Last night it was clear that my wife is being very receptive and chasing me!

I would like to thank you and your team for your help and support. 

I am back together with my significant other, and I couldn’t be happier!! 

I would have never thought this would ever happen again but it did. 

We are happy : )

I wanted to let you know that all went well this weekend. 

We have reconfirmed our commitment to each other. 

I think we have moved forward into a new phase of our relationship and reconciliation.

I can't thank you enough for your guidance. 

I followed every step you told me to take and it worked! 

I know this relationship will be better the second time around because of everything I have learned about myself and relationships.

You helped me reconnect with my ex after 3 months apart.  We’ve been going strong ever since and have conquered another year long distance. 

I bought a house and established a life where I am, hoping he would move to me. 

My wish was granted, as he is relocating here permanently next week.  

Coach Alex, Coach Natalie and Coach Adrian have teamed up to create an exclusive course:
Neuroscience Secrets To Make Your Ex Come Back To You
Here's What You Get Today !
  • Why mindset, communication and attraction power is key to get an ex to commit to you
  • How to overcome obsessive thinking and regain control of your emotions
  • 4 body language techniques for effective communication in breakup recovery
  • How to think like your ex to meet their unspoken subconscious needs
  • ​What to say to your ex and when to say it 
  • 4 ways to make your ex desire you
  • 9 key actions to build and maintain a healthy relationship
Secrets by Coach Natalie
  • How to break free from bad patterns and behaviours in 5 steps 
  • How to know it's time to use no contact and how to do it right
  • How to take control of your emotional destiny to reach your goals
  • The step to take when your ex is not responding to your messages
  • The perfect way to react if your ex says they need time and space
  • The 1 action to take if you know you're being too needy
  • 7 ways to regain control over your emotions when you lose trust in your ability to win back your ex
Secrets by Coach Alex
  • 6 serious subconscious mistakes to avoid at all cost
  • How to overcome common obstacles during breakup recovery
  • The 7 key principles to get back with the one you love
  • What neuroscience teaches us that can be leveraged to get back with your ex
  • How to prove to your ex that you've changed
  • The Two Way Reverse Psychology Technique
  • How to apply specific techniques with your ex
Here Is The Structure Of This New Course !
  •  30 Videos
  •  1 hour of audio material
  •  15 pages of pdf exercises
  •  Over 4 hours of total content 
  • ​We give you all the support you need to quickly build a new relationship with the one you love
That's well over $597... BUT!
For you today... (50% OFF)
Or 3 Monthly Payments of $117
So as a Special ONE TIME bonus - if you join our program within the next 30 min - you will also receive immediate access to 4 other BONUSES!!! :
  • Maximize Your Attraction Toolkit By Coach Natalie (value of: $67)
  • Break Free From Codependency By Coach Alex (value of $39)
  • 35 Rules To Save Your Relationship By Coach Alex (value of $39)
TOTAL VALUE OF $1142 - FREE if you act now!
Experience has taught us that individuals who are committed and highly motivated usually get the fastest results.
If you are truly sure that you want to create a new and improved relationship with the one you love, and have zero regrets, then this program is for you and you must act right away.

Avoid making more mistakes, and pushing your ex further and further away. Instead lean on our proven methods to quickly turn things around.

Take control of your emotional destiny by joining our program!
Do not let this unique opportunity pass you by.
Don't miss out on this exclusive chance to be guided simultaneously by Coach Natalie, Coach Adrian, and Coach Alex.

All you have to do is click on the button below, fill out the information form, to get immediate access to our Neuroscience Secrets Program and 14 Bonus Courses Free.
This is truly the best we can do to support you
The ball is now your court. Will you take action or will you let this opportunity pass you by
It's time  to take control of your emotional destiny by getting the help that you deserve and need. This may very well become the best decision of your life.

At the end of the day, what matters most is not what happened in your past and what mistakes you've made. It's what you choose to do today !

We can help you reach your goals and set you up for success in love. But don't wait until it's too late

$297 INSTEAD OF $597

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Our Coaches follow the unique philosophy developed and established by Alexandre Cormont. In 2007 we founded the premier Love Coaching service in France no less, the country with a reputation for its romance and love.

After establishing ourselves as the number 1 coaching agency in Europe, we decided to share our philosophy worldwide and enable millions of people to benefit from the expertise that we have garnered for close to a decade.

After 5 books, 20 audio seminars, hundreds of successful conferences and coached thousands upon thousands of individuals throughout the world, our team continues to teach our very distinct philosophy and methodology tailored made to each individual client.
Our foundation is based on real expertise, diplomas in the field of Humanities, personal development and human relations from prestigious educational institutions.

We are trained to coach individuals to reach their goals in part due to our experiences mentoring athletes and sports teams but also due to an extensive training in the study of the human brain and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) by our founder Alex Cormont.
Our methods have enabled thousands of men and women to bring back their ex into their lives by changing their bad habits and negative behaviors.

Since the creation of our coaching service, we have helped thousands of clients from all walks of life and throughout the world, including in places such as: the US, France, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, Israel, Switzerland, Belgium, China, Dubai, and many others.

Our expertise ranges from helping people find their soul mate, relationship counseling and happiness in love, but most importantly in helping individuals get back with their ex; an area in which we strongly believe to be the number 1 experts worldwide.

Our knowledge is on display through numerous articles, videos, books, and conferences put together by our team of experts that can be found on this very website.

Getting back with your ex can be a complicated task, and you should seek the help of experts in the field to provide you with the necessary guidance based on YOUR specific set of circumstances.

Shy away from the empty promises made by some across the internet and focus your energy on what is truly essential: understanding your ex’s desires in order to fulfil his or her needs and expectations.

Our tools will help you to regain control and organically enable your ex to come back to you. If you can provide him/her with everything that they ever wanted and expected, why would they not want to be with you?
Neuroscience Secrets To Make Your Ex Come Back To You

$297 INSTEAD OF $597

Save $300 TODAY ONLY
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