Fast. EFFECTIVE. Made-To-Measure.

Elite coaching by Alex Cormont, 
the world’s #1 breakup recovery coach.
Premium Coaching Is Only For You If You’re:
  • 100% committed to winning back your ex (and know in your heart they’re the ONLY one for you)
  • Ready to permanently upgrade your confidence, attraction levels, and mastery of love so you win the relationship game forever
  • Too busy - or your situation too complicated - for generic free advice or slow, at-home study programs (what you really need is elite coaching, emergency calls and regular Whatsapp support)
  • ​NOT doing this for your ex, but for yourself, so you can enjoy a happy, healthy and lasting relationship with someone who truly loves and adores you
  • In need of a personal, tailor-made service with the exact gameplan, word for word advice, and ongoing support to avoid the fatal mistakes that pushes love away
  • 100% ready to be coachable and apply the the guidance, insights, and advice Alex gives so he can maximize your results 
If, and only IF, the answer is yes:

Today you have the rare opportunity to access personal coaching from Alex Cormont, the world’s #1 relationship coach.

Read the next section carefully, as there is a process to follow.

What Alex Cormont’s Clients Say 

"Coaching with Alex allowed me to get my ex back - but also allowed me to change my life.

I'm not afraid to say it's the best experience of my life, I owe him a lot today.

He was always listening, patient and gave good advice, I can only recommend him!!"

“I want to thank Alex for the valuable advice he gave me following a breakup.

I was able to regain MY self-confidence, become a better version of myself and finally, get back my man!”

The support is excellent, without judgment, but filled with kindness.”

“Alex is a true professional who gives himself completely to the men and women who seek his help. 

He gives excellent advice, and I can confirm his coaching worked!

Thanks to Alex, I finally took back control of my love life.”

Only 3 spots still available

How To Apply for ELITE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING, Emergency Calls, And Regular Whatsapp Support From Coach Alex 
To Win Them Back, Fast.

Click the link below.

You’ll be taken to the application form, where you’ll answer 5 short questions.

If your application is accepted:

You’ll be invited to attend a discovery call with one either Kate, Ivan or Hedon.

They are compassionate, highly trained professionals, and their only concern is to understand your situation.

You could be here to win back love, stop a relationship from ending, or get the one you love to commit.

But instead of rushing forwards, let’s slow down, talk things through, and understand together if Coach Alex can help to achieve the dream you have for your relationship. 
  • Understand what happened from your point of view.
  • Evaluate your willingness to be ‘coachable’.
  • ‘Unwrap’ the program so you understand exactly how much coaching, guidance and support you are accessing.
If you pass the screening process, you’ll be given an offer to work with Alex to win back your ex.

This offer will be valid for 7 days, and you’ll be free to accept or decline the invitation.

If we do not receive a response within 7 days, your place will be given to the next person in line on the waiting list.

Why Coaching Wins Them Back, Even If They Blocked, Ghosted, Or Jumped Into A Rebound Relationship...

Imagine for a second:

Being on an airplane that’s about to land in the middle of 90 mph cross winds, onto a runway completely frozen over with ice.

Which would make you feel safer:

The calm, assured pilot with 20 years experience, who’s safely landed planes in every adverse weather situation imaginable, including blizzards and hurricanes?

Or the trainee pilot 3 days into the job who’s never flown before?

Experience Counts.

So does expertise.

From insuring a car to riding the metro to organizing a wedding, every day of our lives we lean on specialized help and support to do things that would otherwise feel impossible.

Coaching works the same way, by bringing decades of expertise and experience into play on your behalf.

Shining a light on your problems with surgical precision.
Revealing new and previously unseen ways to heal a relationship.

Small words, gestures, and actions that transform relationships, sometimes instantly, but you’d never have known… or even thought to ask.

Plus, any coach worth their salt will “hold your feet to the fire” by keeping you accountable…

So your unconscious fears can no longer hold you back and continue to sabotage your breakup recovery. 

It’s Happening Right Now, Today. 

Most of Alex’s coaching clients blast past their previous self-imposed limits.

They evolve remarkable new powers of courage, confidence, and attraction.

You can do this too.

Instead of the downward spiral pulling you down into fear, guilt, and shame, you’ll spiral back UP and rediscover your courage.

Needless to say, the new you will be astoundingly attractive to your ex.

Other People’s Knowledge And Experience + Accountability And Support + 
Your Commitment =

It’s a powerful equation.

Little wonder Alex has helped multiple clients win back their ex in as little as 3 days (a feat he’s been able to perform repeatedly).

Sometimes, those same clients were struggling for MONTHS before coming to him. 

They’d been ghosted, and felt powerless to get a word out of their ex, nevermind heal the relationship.

But after working with Alex, they had their ex back within months or weeks. 

If that sounds like magic, well, now you know Alex’s secret.

He’s simply able to accurately guide you with the knowledge, experience and support you’ve been missing.

How good would you be at breakup recovery if you’d spent 15+ years coaching 100,000 people through every breakup and romantic situation imaginable?

You’d be a breakup recovery expert too. 

Chances are, you’d have ALREADY won back your ex.

Alex Cormont:

The French Relationship Expert…
And The World’s #1 Breakup Recovery Coach

“People laughed when I first told them modern neuroscience and psychology are the keys to a successful breakup recovery.
But after realizing how many of my clients were able to save their relationship, many of those same people came to me for help.

After all…

Who better than a Frenchman to speak to you about love?”

The facts speak for themselves:

  • 100,000+ clients coached, in more than 200 countries, through every type of relationship crisis imaginable, including TENS of thousands of breakup recovery situations.
  • The world’s #1 coach for winning your ex back and KEEPING them back.
  • Multiple Amazon bestsellers, with chart-topping books on how to unlock enduring confidence, attraction, and a lasting, loving, and loyal relationship.
  • More than 3 million followers (even if I have a strong French accent ;) )
  • Founder and leader of Europe's most trusted relationship-coaching agency.
  • Plus: founder of multiple, highly successful relationship coaching agencies in the USA, France, Brazil, Spain, Italy, and Germany.
  • The ‘coach’s coach’ who’s personally picked, trained, and mentored some of the best up-and-coming relationship coaches you’ll have seen online.
  • Did I mention coaching more than 100,000 people, through every type of relationship crisis, including TENS of thousands of breakup situations?
When it comes to love, you’re in safe hands.
"After three and a half years of being separated from my ex wife and her being with another person we are back together and I am currently larger than life in all aspects of my life.

I have genuinely evolved beyond my wildest dreams and would be happy to share my experience with you and those people who may be going through a rough time thinking it would be impossible to get back with their ex.
I am truly lost for words and cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me.

My 10 year old daughter is truly happy to see her family back together too.

Best wishes always”

"Mike spent Thanksgiving with my family...and bought a property in NC with the idea of it becoming ours. :)

He also....wait for it...said we are in an "exclusive, committed" relationship" without prompting from me or any questions around it.

All is going give great advice!"

“I got my girl back… I got myself back”...

My break up was ridiculous and the process between that time of the break up to finally getting back together with my girlfriend Abby was filled with SO MUCH DRAMA AND PAIN…

I'm frankly embarrassed to remember it sometimes.

But you know what?

It was worth it.

My coach...helped me make my dreams a reality.

Yes, it was hard. Yes, it took longer than I thought it would.

And yes it took investment in terms of time, spirit, effort, money -- you name it.

And you know what?

I got my girl back.

But I didn't just get my girl back.


I got myself back.

Thank you, Coach.”

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